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Analysis of optimization potentials
The objectives of this mission is to give executives a global vision of their firms optimization potentials at short, medium and long term.
Its principle is:
- analyzing the structure, its processing and the system costs,
- identifying optimization actions achievable within 2-3 years,
- measuring the expectable strategic and financial results that could be expected on the same period.

Analysis of needs in driving management systems
We call driving management systems all devices whose function is to inform managers on the state and perspectives of the company's performance and to help them to take relevant decisions.
Our mission consists in defining the most relevant indicators for monitoring and controlling the evolution of the company, and to study how to produce it regarding the existing processes and information systems.
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On demand missions

Stratelite 1 studies each mission from a dedicated point of view, considering the particularities of each business and case.
Our approach is always to promote the internal existing resources utilization, then to provide the necessary completion to the needs. We build our proposals by measuring expected profits, functional efficiency, and implementation delays.

Some examples of our consulting, assistance and support missions : designing business plans, raising funds, managing a project, building a business model, reorganizing a firm, recruiting, defining information system needs, building training plans, ...


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