A firm is for Stratelite 1 a system alive, multidimensional and complex, defined primarily from its goals at short, medium or long term.

It's a dynamic structure, interacting with an environment more and more changing, more and more competitive, faster and faster.

In an economy where markets are global, the 21st century firm is condamned to live within its time. But it can also go beyond, to invent its own future and anticipate.

The choices of projection and performance are always the most economical, cost effective and profitable options.
Much more than yesterday and less than tomorrow, strategy, management, organization and business intelligence are key to sustainable business performance.

Two major parameters appear in the 21st century economy :
- the mandatory consideration of the Earth systems long term sustainability ,
- the worldwide population growth increase.

Intelligence and businesses to devise a consistent future with these parameters, as opportunities for development.