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Business engineering Expert in business systems optimization, Stratelite 1 accompanies all enterprises and projects sizes and sectors.

We work on all processes of analysis, planning, organization, implementation and management.

At short, medium and long term, Stratelite 1 job is to create, develop and optimize enterprise systems. Among the engaged factors, Stratelite 1 has for mission the performances of structures and resources implemented.
Finances Stratelite 1 is expert in firms and projects financial management and engineering.

We provide to managers advanced technics in optimizing their results, and the needed resources for a high-level management.

We offer to investors strong investment opportunities for short, medium and long term.
Management consulting Stratelite 1 is specialized in high value-added management and business systems optimization.

We work specifically on the governance and control systems, internal organization, management skills and resources.

Professionals experienced in management, experts in management technics and organization technologies, we operate in management support, consulting, assistance and training.
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